About Us

Why Hire Environmental Cleaning Organization, LLC?

Environmental Cleaning Organization, LLC is a family-owned and operated business founded by Daniel Fricke which has proudly served the Inland Empire since December of 2015. Daniel has had a very diverse background from working with law enforcement, certified lineman. dwp, real estate and is a licensed investigator. Through all of this, he learned an extremely valuable lesson- that all of these different markets fluctuate and is a risk factor. After much thought and contemplation, he dreamt of owning a business that would not only be in constant demand, but where he could make a real difference in people’s lives. Thus, he opened his company, Environmental Cleaning Organization, LLC, to specialize in residential and commercial cleaning, where he finally felt like he was making a real difference in peoples lives by serving them and making their cleaning jobs easier. Daniel and the entire crew are passionate about treating all homeowners and clients with respect


Professional Team

Our team takes the time and effort to make sure our customers are taken care of from the moment we take the job to the moment we ask how we did. We know that we’re asked to perform a job well and pride ourselves on our customer service and satisfaction.



Industry Expertise

Understanding the basics of this work is one thing. Our team understands the basics and the techniques that make us THE professionals. We will not settle for a decent outcome. We strive for perfection. Our team is full of professionals with more than 20 years of cleaning experience combined.


Quality Service

We have countless reviews on our work because we use top of the line equipment and techniques to get the job done. Our pristine cleaning services are only matched by our keen eye for detail. By the end of our stay, we’ll encourage you to invite everyone over to see your beautifully cleaned home.

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