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At Environmental Cleaning Organization, LLC, we are dedicated to providing you with the best and most reliable professional-grade cleaning supplies and services. Our staff  have all been certified not only in COVID cleaning but cleaning of infectious diseases. Whether you’re in need of a top to bottom cleaning service or just need your floors or upholstery refreshed, we have numerous cleaning options highlighted below that would be perfect for you.

UVC Disinfecting

Disinfecting your whole home or space to protect you and your loved ones has never been more important. Dangerous things like bacteria, dust mites, various types of viruses, and even E. Coli can enter your home and take its toll on all.

With UVC disinfecting, we use ultraviolet light technology to sterilize microbes on surfaces they may be lurking. Similar to procedures done in hospitals, this is effective in killing up to 99.9% of harmful microorganisms. Not to mention we are proudly the only cleaning company in the Southern California area to offer this innovative technology to keep you safe!

Floor Restoration (Carpet, Wood, Laminate, Tile)

They are prone to spills, accidents, stains, and overall, they take a beating. Because of this, we invested in a $20,000 van equipped with a mounted steamer carpet cleaner and have state-of-the-art disinfectants for all types of floors (laminate, tile, wood). We believe in investing in top-of-the-line equipment for all our clients so when you invite us into your home or office space, you can trust your floors will be the cleanest they’ve ever been. Plus you and your family or employees will be able to breathe easier too!

Upholstery cleaning

Do you have a favorite sofa, couch, or chair that needs some help? From stains to discoloration, we can help refresh and store whatever furniture piece you’d like. We utilize heavy-duty vacuuming as well as odor and protective treatments to make sure to really revamp your pieces and make them last.

Real Estate Preparation

There’s no surprise that clean and clutter free homes tend to sell the fastest while on the market. When people walk into a home, they want to imagine their life in those walls they are viewing. When a home is spotless and maintenance free this is much easier for them to do.

So if you are a realtor or thinking about putting your home or space up for sale, let us take the stress off your back by deep cleaning and prepping your home so you can focus on your already busy schedule.

Worker cleaning driveway with  high pressure washer splashing the dirt on asphalt

Pressure Washing

Keep your property looking pristine and professional with our hot steam pressure washing services . This exterior cleaning leaves your property looking fresh and well maintained. This service is available for all residential and  commercial type properties. Pressure washing is ideal for removing gum, dirt, and grime from your sidewalks, trash enclosures, loading docks, parking stalls, etc. Building washing is also available to rejuvenate the outside appearance which can delay the need for costly painting.

Our hot steam wash system is highly effective by using high pressure hot water. As an environmentally friendly company, we offer a water retrieval system, which prevents the dirty water from entering the drains

Crime Scene Clean Up

Our hope is that you will never need this service. But if tragedy strikes we are professionally minded and prepared to be at your service for this difficult task.

In this service, we remove blood and disinfect, biohazards, bodily fluids, fingerprint dust, and other contamination from the crime scene.


We offer the help for our realtor buddies who need to prepare for an extra clean and impressive open house.

Deep Cleaning Service

Are you moving out of your house or into a new one? Have a dreaded attic or basement that needs a serious clean? Or maybe you’re expecting family and need a massive cleaning job to prepare for their arrival. Whatever clean out job you need, we’re prepared and eager to tackle the mess!

Crime Scene Clean

We know it’s hard work cleaning up crime scenes, but we are professionally minded and prepared for this tough task.

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